Phasing and consistent action to achieve ambitions!

The Business Roadmaps program supports entrepreneurs to realize their foreseen future in the right phasing and with consistent action. In such a manner that private and business life will be in balance. In the Business Roadmaps program the entrepreneur learns to develop and apply a strategy. After the program, the entrepreneur can keep on getting support during the real life implementation of the strategy in the most efficient way possible. To achieve the ambition of the entrepreneur and the enterprise!

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The entrepreneurial part of having a company shouldn’t deviate them too much from their primary process. However, entrepreneurs need a strategy to guide their company to success. To achieve their ambition. An elaborate strategy doesn’t fit in their daily routine. This is were Business Roadmaps comes in. It helps the entrepreneur develop a compact strategy that they can quickly use, even daily, to guide their company.

You don't know where you go if you don't have a roadmap.

And for business coaches that want to strengthen their revenue model and market position!


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Stand out of the crowd as a coach!

Business Roadmaps is developed to guide entrepreneur as efficient as possible. For most entrepreneurs, this efficiency should mean: less money, less time. Therefore, Business Roadmaps as a method is a very compact route to develop a strategy. Business Roadmaps as an online platform is the way to efficiently go through this method.

Become a coach
  • Become a coach

    Your offer to the entrepreneur will be very clear. Business Roadmaps is a program containing 5 steps that can be done in 5 months (or faster). With a clear result: a strategy on 5 sheets of paper. A strategy as a living document, that can easily be used to guide a company to the foreseen ambition!

  • Development and guidance anywhere, anytime

    Using the online platform, the entrepreneur can work on his strategy anywhere, anytime. The alerts the online platform trigger, help the coach to guide promptly. Not only during 1-on-1 meetings, but 24/7!

  • Stay in close contact with your customer, always

    Entrepreneur keep their account on the online platform for free, for ever. This means they can keep on using the platform to further finetune and develop their strategy. And you, as a coach, can follow the steps the entrepreneur takes. Offering your guidance over and over again, if the entrepreneur is open for it. Convert a one time customer in a recurring customer!

It's Only 5 Steps To Achieve What You Need For Your Business

You will be much more able to communicate what you want to achieve. To everyone that needs to know it. Employees, partners, etc. Central in the Business Roadmaps approach is your ambition.

Our coach will set up a strategy that navigates you from the present to your (long term) ambition. Having such a strategy will make you feel more at ease. It will make your entrepreneurship much more fun!

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What are the payment conditions?

Customers need to pay upfront. You will get an invoice before you are accepted on our platform. Upon payment access to our online platform will be granted and a coach will be assigned.

What about cancellation?

We will close a contract with you. Cancellation is not possible after signing the contract. Our coaches reserve their time for you. Once agreed upon, they will be available for you.

How much time does participation in Business Roadmaps take?

Business Roadmaps is a very efficient program. Our coaches will trigger you to think about all kinds of aspects of your business. It will keep you busy in times when you can, like during transportation, sporting, relaxing, etc. You will shape your thoughts in those moments. Putting them online on our platform, when your thoughts are clear, won’t take much time. You will get feedback of your coach that you need to process. But all together you could be ready with 2 hours a week (depending on the level of business knowledge you have)

How will business Roadmaps help me for the rest of my career?

Business Roadmaps is a program that learns participants how to develop a strategy. This is done by going through the process of developing a strategy with a coach. The first (draft) strategy you develop is not the most important aspect of the program. Learning how to develop the strategy is most important. We don’t give a fish, we learn to fish! This way, for the rest of your career, you will be able to think strategically about your business. In a structured way!

I have doubts if this program is right for me?

Lots of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs have gone through this program. Are you an entrepreneur, or planning to be an? Are you entrepreneurial for your boss (so you are an intrapreneur)? For all these situations Business Roadmaps can help a lot! Because, what your position is, you have to think about your business future. Business Roadmaps learns you how to do this in a structured way.

Are my data on the online platform lost when I finished the program?

No! We don’t give a fish, we learn how to fish. That’s why your account stays available on our online platform. So you can keep on working on your strategy. Analysing the consequences of choices you make using your strategy. Altering your strategy. Because your strategy is never finished. Your context is always changing, your strategy has to follow it.

  • 1. Benefit from expertise acquired in other economic sectors then yours.

    The members of the BRM Implementation Academy come from a multitude of economic sectors. Each sector faces, and solves, different types of challenges, at different stages of the development of their business. Joining forces in this Academy means broadening your horizon to learn from the knowledge and experiences acquired in other economic sectors (and of course in your own economic sector)

  • 2. Easy to participate

    The low barrier entry and user-friendliness will make this Academy part of your daily or weekly routine in no time. Just follow when the Academy triggers you through mail or push notifications. Proactively post your challenges on the homepage, we will classify your post in the right topic for you. Browse through these topics to learn on the fly!

  • 3. Very resourceful network

    Everybody has his or her own preference in terms of learning. If it means proactively posting your challenges, reading articles, just following what others do, following an online course at your own pace or joining monthly on- and offline strategy meetings. The BRM Implementation Academy offers all of these!

With Business Roadmaps I got a tool to consciously reflect on my dream, ambition and my company, so that I can make conscious choices when opportunities come my way.

Jolanda Kros, Gazeuse Communicatie

We Can Start When You Are Ready!

Take the first step today.

Interested? Let us know, we will contact you for an intake. We will elaborate on the approach, zoom in on your challenges, and explain how we can tackle these using Business Roadmaps. We will be happy to guide you to your successful future!

The first is the business model. It will envision the essence of the company. The business model contains the 9 essential building blocks of the company. With the model, your company is described in one sheet of paper. The business model always describes the present situation of the company.
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The first is the business model. It will envision the essence of the company. The business model contains the 9 essential building blocks of the company. With the model, your company is described in one sheet of paper. The business model always describes the present situation of the company.
Learn More
The first is the business model. It will envision the essence of the company. The business model contains the 9 essential building blocks of the company. With the model, your company is described in one sheet of paper. The business model always describes the present situation of the company.

For companies that deliver products, such as:

Position your company in such a way that not only insiders, but also outsiders understand what it delivers. Then your company will be appealing to new customers. Your position on the market will be stronger! The plan to achieve this will be set up in a way that the ambition of the entrepreneur is clear to everyone. So everybody contributes in the right way to achieve your ambition.

Create a company to is viable in all phases of its development (from medical validation to scale-up). A company that uses all revenue options in the most optimal way. In which partners are connected efficiently and the (societal) impact of the product or service will be maximized for the targeted audience.

Create an offer that resonates in your customer segments. An offer the follows the desire of these segments. In a way that the technological development will push the growth of your company. Creating autonomous growth leading to scalable business in which continuity and success are guaranteed.

Develop your company with a differentiating offer. In which the revenue models guides the growth of your company. Creating a financially viable and scalable company. In connection with (inter)national stages that push scalability. In such a way that your sports, societal and business purposes are achieved.

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The guidance is professional and result-oriented. Never thought I would get so much clarity in the short term!

Hans Corstjens, Buro Beeldvang BV

Especially analyzing my current company through the Business Model Canvas appealed to me. This gave me a much clearer picture of the playing field, both internally and externally, in which my company operates.

Chantal Hees, Hees Lights & Living

Let’s talk about your future.

Are you concerned about how our courses could be beneficial for you? No worries, we first listen to what you have in your mind, then your 30-minutes free coaching session is the next step to realizing how the Business Roadmaps can support you. Please feel free to contact us.

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